Vanilla Mug Cake (2 big serves)
Vanilla Mug Cake (2 big serves)
Vanilla Mug Cake (2 big serves)
Vanilla Mug Cake (2 big serves)

Vanilla Mug Cake (2 big serves)

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Need a hug? This delicious vanilla mug cake mix will warm you up and leave you with a smile as you know you're nourishing your body from the inside out with premium immune-boosting real food ingredients.

Contains pure ground vanilla beans which are pesticide free, organic coconut flour and Australian almond meal.

One pack makes two large decadent mug cakes ❤

* Keto friendly/low carb
* Nothing artificial 
* Gluten-free
* Source of dietary fibre
* Plant based sweeteners
* No added sugar
* No maltitol or xylitol (we love our dogs!)
* No seed oils or starches

 Ingredients: Ground Almonds, Natural Sweetener (Erythritol, Organic Stevia (Steviol Glycosides)), Organic Coconut Flour, Vanilla Bean Powder (1.8%), Gluten Free Baking Powder.

Created with love on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. 

Mug cakes are decadent and nutrient dense on their own, but even better if you.....
* Serve with cream, ice cream, coconut cream, berries, melted choc or nuts
* Add lemon rind, lemon juice and berries for a delicious variation (full details on pack)
* Ice with vanilla cream cheese icing (full recipe here)

We only use non insulin-spiking, plant based GMO-free sweeteners: 

* Erythritol - naturally occuring nectar found in fermented fruits like melons and grapes.
* Organic steviol glycosides - the sweet part of the leaves of the stevia plant.