What makes your products different from other low carb keto products?

Our focus is on clean premium ingredients, organic where possible. We've selected our ingredients carefully for good health and nutrition eg. plant based sweeteners, organic coconut flour (no sulphites), pesticide free vanilla bean powder and organic raw cacao.

Following a low carb keto eating style is only beneficial if you eliminate spiking your blood sugars and reduce inflammation in your body. Many products branded low carb keto (especially the supermarket brands) contain ingredients which don't support good health.

Which ingredients don't support good health?

Seed oils, starches, emulsifiers and anything artificial will never be found in our products. Often seed oils are cleverly disguised as vegetable oil, rice bran oil etc . Other ingredients such as starches, polydextrose and maltodextrin are also known to spike blood sugars along with sweeteners such as Maltitol and Sucralose. Be very careful of low carb products which still contain wheat gluten or sugar in other names ie. polydextrose or date syrup. Always check ingredient labels as artificial fibres can be used to reduce overall carb count.  Any product with more than 6 ingredients should generally be put back on the shelf if your goal is to improve your health.

Where can I buy your products?

We're constantly expanding our retailers so please see the Stockists page for full listings.  Full range is also available online and at selected Farmers Markets around Melbourne.

Are your products suitable for diabetics?

All our products are suitable for diabetics as we don't use any insulin spiking ingredients.

What other dietary requirements do you cater for?

All products meet low carb and keto guidelines plus all dry mixes are gluten free, dairy free and vegan. If butter/milk/egg is required in any mix, these can be substituted for coconut oil/plant based milk/egg replacer. We have nut free products are well - these include our pancake mix, porridge mix and wrap mix.

Where are you located?

We are located in South East Melbourne, a 100% family owned and operated Australian business.