About Us

Linda Martinucci started Simply Swap Foods to help spread the word about the importance of changing to a real food low sugar diet to improve overall health and quality of life. 

With a background as a food writer and cookbook author, she has spent the last 15 years following nutrition studies and medical research based on the best way to fuel our bodies for optimal health. 

Three years ago, Linda made the decision to completely overhaul her lifestyle by switching to a real food diet which was naturally low in sugar and full of healthy fats.  She was amazed to see 15kg of stubborn excess weight drop off (over a period of six months) and her energy levels and mental clarity increased to an all time high. Her husband David also adopted similar habits and lost 20kg easily in around eight months plus had energy he never thought possible.

One of the keys to successfully transitioning to this new lifestyle was being able to indulge in favourite cakes and desserts from time to time. She wanted to be able to enjoy family celebrations and not feel deprived during dessert time.  

So Linda went to work and spent countless hours in the kitchen perfecting the baking and porridge mixes that are for sale through her website.  She knew that having low sugar treats to enjoy would be the key to sustaining this way of eating for life.  She has also developed many low sugar recipes that taste just like their traditional versions and these recipes are available on her website and through ebooks. 

Study after study is now proving that excess sugar is the main issue for many conditions in our community including obesity, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, inflammation and general low energy and loss of mental clarity.

Linda hopes that her products and recipes will help others experience the enormous benefit of changing to a real food low sugar diet.

You really can indulge yourself and feel great too!