• Low carb keto bread rolls stacked with butter
  • Low carb wrap with fillings
  • Low carb bendy wrap with fillings
  • Low carb keto bread roll filled with salami and salad
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  • Low carb keto bread rolls stacked with butter
  • Low carb wrap with fillings
  • Low carb bendy wrap with fillings
  • Low carb keto bread roll filled with salami and salad
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Low Carb Bread Lovers Bundle

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This is the low carb bread and wrap pack you've been searching for, so easy to prepare! Don't be fooled by supermarket low carb bread/wrap alternatives that are often full of wheat gluten, starches, vegetable oils and many artificial ingredients which don't support good health and heal your body.

This pack contains:
2 x low carb bread roll mix packs (4 rolls per pack)
2 x low carb wrap mix packs (4 large wraps per pack)

We've tried countless low carb bread roll mixes, but this is the first one that truly satisfies our taste buds with its authentic bread-like flavour. It's as if you're indulging in a freshly baked batch of traditional wholemeal bread rolls, without the carbs and hundreds of our customers agree!

Our wraps are a classic bendy wrap which you can make as thick or thin as you like. Containing only real food ingredients to support good health, these can be made in just a few minutes in a frypan or flat sandwich press. An incredibly easy and versatile low carb wrap mix.

Bread Roll Mix Ingredients:
Blanched Australian almond meal, Psyllium husk, Bicarb soda, Sea salt

Wrap Mix Ingredients:
Australian Flaxseed meal, Organic coconut flour (sulphite free), Psyllium husk

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* Keto friendly and low carb
* No added sugar or sweeteners
* Gluten free and dairy free
* Suitable for diabetics
* Recommended by Low Carb Doctors and Dieticians
* No artificial ingredients
* No seed oils or starches


Ground almonds, Psyllium husk, Bicarb soda, Sea salt.

Flaxseed meal, Organic Coconut Flour, Psyllium husk.

Low Carb Bread Lovers BundleLow Carb Bread Lovers BundleLow carb keto bread rolls stacked with butterLow Carb Bread Lovers BundleLow carb wrap with fillingsLow Carb Bread Lovers BundleLow carb bendy wrap with fillingsLow carb keto bread roll filled with salami and saladLow Carb Bread Lovers Bundle

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kanchana Thirunavukkarasu
Keto bread lover’s bundle

Easy and quick to make. Bakes perfectly. Great taste and sustains hunger. Love them!

Thanks Kanchana, yes the good clean ingredients really fill you up for a long time, one of our favourites!


I eat low carb so I was so happy to find this bread and wraps. My partner is not low carb and said it was the best roll he had tried.

Wow Tracy, that's great to hear, thank you! We worked hard to get the taste and texture right as we were missing the convenience of bread rolls.

Dale T
Best keto bread rolls

Ive made one batch of the bread rolls. After trying numerous brands of breads I have to say these are the closest to the mark and the best. Very easy and quick to make, crusty on the outside, soft in the middle and as close to bread as you will get in flavour. I even sent one of the rolls and the packaging over to a friend to try. She was also very impressed and will be buying some of these products as well.

Thanks so much Dale! We're so happy to hear your comments, we feel exactly the same about our rolls and are enjoying having the real taste and texture of bread again!

Peter Draper

Get On a Roll Low Carb bread rolls are a life changer. Before Keto our favourite treat was Wagyu steak burgers on a bun. We can now have them again!! Instead of making 4 buns as per instructions I only make 2 so we get a large roll. Delicious!!

Thanks Peter, so happy to hear you're enjoying our bread rolls. We love using them for burgers too, feels like such a treat after years of not having burger buns on our low carb lifestyle!


Definitely worth buying. Very yummy